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How to reach us

How to reach us?

The Northern Velebit National Park and its headquarters at the village of Krasno, which is also the main point of departure for visiting the Park, are easily reached from all major cities in Croatia. You can plan your route according to available time and the part of the Park you wish to visit. For easier orientation, information boards, signposts and waymarks have been put up at all important intersections. Please note that only public access roads to the Park, most paved, are open to traffic, while forest roads inside the Park are unclassified and are not accessible to the public for motor vehicles. Also, we recommend you consult the Park Authority or our web page prior to your visit about the accessibility of individual routes, especially in spring and late autumn when some roads may be closed to traffic due to snow drifts.

Reaching Krasno

From the inland direction, Krasno is most easily reached by motorway. You should take the Otočac exit and from here slowly ascend the paved, winding mountain road to Krasno, some 20 km long.

If driving from the coastal direction, you should leave the main coast road at Sveti Juraj, a small town about 10 km south of Senj. A 12 km ascent on a winding, mountain road will take you to the village and mountain pass Oltari (1018 m above sea level) and from here a mild descent of some ten kilometers will take you to Krasno. If you wish to proceed to the Park immediately, take a right turn at Oltari and follow the waymarks. The entrance to the Park at Babić Siča is a 10 km drive by paved road.

Northern portion of the Park – Babić Siča Entrance, Zavižan, Velebit Botanical Garden

Babić Siča (1300 m above sea level) is located in the northern part of the Park and is the main entrance for those who wish to visit Zavižan and the Velebit Botanical Garden. Babić Siča is reached from the direction of Oltari by a 10 km slightly ascending paved road. From Babić Siča, Zavižan is reach by a 7 km dirt (macadam) road.

Alternatively, Babić Siča can be accessed from Krasno by through the hamlet of Vukelići, driving by 5 km dirt (macadam) road.

Southern portion of the Park – Štirovača and Alan

Štirovača is a 29 km drive on a paved winding road from Krasno. If visiting Alan, turn west 3 km before the descent to the Štirovača valley, towards the sea (in direction of Jablanac). From here a 9 km unpaved road without steep ascents will take you to the Mountain Hut Alan.

Alan is also assessable from the Adriatic Highway above Jablanac by a 17 km paved, but fairly narrow road.

Štirovača can also be accessed from the direction of Gospić via Pazarište by a paved forest road.