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Since its establishment, the Public Institution Northern Velebit National Park has published numerous informative and educational materials on the Park. Our publications include informative brochures and posters, two natural science guidebooks and a multimedia DVD about the Park entitled „Wilderness, Diversity, Beauty, Freedom“. Brochures and flyers are available free of charge to all visitors and other interested parties as a source of general information about the Park. All publications can be obtained from the Park info-centres and through our e-giftshop (available to residents of Croatia only).

Brochures and flyers



Northern Velebit National Park, brochure



Velebitski botanical garden, flyer



Premužić trail, flyer



Zavižan Weather Station (in Croatian), brochure



237 Million Years Long Walk – stone inscriptions (geology) (in Croatian),flyer



The Secrets of Velebit’s Bedrock – Northern Velebit Caves (in Croatian) flyer



The temper of Zavižan weather (in Croatian), brochure



Map of cycling trails



Parks of Croatia



Northern Velebit National Park (in Croatian)


Velebit botanical garden


Symbol of Survival (rainwater cisterns)


Premužić trail



Nature Guides

Currently in preparation is a tree and shrub guide of the Northern Velebit National Park.


Velebit Botanical Garden – Oasis at 1500 m


The Velebit Botanical Garden guidebook is a jubilee publication marking the 40th anniversary of the Velebit Botanical Garden. The first part of the guide describes the history of the garden from its establishment to the present day. The second part provides a detailed description and illustration of 120 of the most prevalent, interesting and significant plant species in the Garden. Fifty more plant species are presented with photographs. The guide also includes illustrations for easier identification of individual plant parts and a glossary of terms, a list of botanical names and a map of the Velebit Botanical Garden. This 364 page publication has texts in Croatian with translations in English, German and Italian.

Authors of text are: Vlatko Skorup, Sanja Kovačić, Dario Kremer and Darko Mihelj.



From Sea shoals to a Mountain – a geology guide of the Northern Velebit National Park (only in Croatian)


In eight chapters, the geology guide From Sea shoals to a Mountain provides a comprehensive outline of geological research projects conducted in the Park and presents the geological features of the National Park and the geological history of the whole of the Velebit range, and describes the geology of seven selected hiking trails within the Park in a highly interesting popular scientific style.

The guide contains 85 photographs (of which 25 photographs of microfossils), two geological maps – a 1:50 000 scale geological map of the Park and a detailed geological map of Velebit, geological time charts, three geological profiles, two geological columns, sketches of the Velebit movement from the carboniferous era to the present day, images of the layout of land and sea etc.
It is a little known fact among the general population that Velebit, like all Dinaric mountains, is composed of rocks formed in shallows seas. The authors explain in an easy to understand and interesting way how the Velebit range was created from sediments deposited in sea shoals. This guide is also valuable as a source of information about the formation of all Dinaric range mountains.

The special importance of the guide lies in the fact that this is the first geology book in Croatia of its kind.

Authors of the geology guide are: Ivo Velić, Dr. Sc. and Professor Josipa Velić, Dr. Sc.

Multimedia DVD


The multimedia DVD titled “Wilderness, Diversity, Beauty, Freedom” consists of an interactive part „About the Park“, which introduces the natural assets and the cultural heritage of the region, a „virtual tour” of the Premužić Trail and the Velebit Botanical Garden, and a quiz called „Who Am I?“ in which viewers are asked to guess the animal from the sound, trace or a detail in a photograph. The DVD also contains a 20-minute promotional film, without narration, which presents the Northern Velebit in a very attractive way through the change of the four seasons. The promotional DVD is bilingual (Croatian and English) and was supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Croatian Tourism Board.

Picture book „Ana i vila s Velebita“ (only in Croatian)


Through the story about Ana, a little girl from the city, and her grandmother who has spent her childhood on Velebit, we get to know Northern Velebit National park. This beautifully illustrated picture book with fantasy elements was made as a contribution to the 10th anniversary of the Northern Velebit National Park proclamation.

Author of text and illustration is Tomica Bajsić.