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Important information for those who stay in nature!

In the area of ​​Northern Velebit, a large number of mouse-like rodents (voles and mice) were recorded this year. The consequence is a significant number of patients with the so-called mouse fever. The natural carriers of this virus are mouse-like rodents, which excrete it into the environment through urine and feces. The disease that can occur is not harmless. It is extremely important to protect yourself when staying outdoors.
How to protect yourself outdoors?
• Do not sit or lie directly on the ground, especially not in places where rodents or their tracks have been spotted!
• During your stay in nature, keep food and drink (in closed containers) and personal belongings away from contact with rodents and their secretions.
• Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap, or use an antiseptic, or alcohol-based disinfectant before eating or drinking or taking a cigarette.
• Do not leave food scraps and other waste in nature!
• Do not drink water from unregulated forest springs and ponds.
• Wash raw fruits from nature with running water when eaten raw.
• Do not touch rodent nests or dead rodents without gloves and a mask.
For more information on mouse fever, click on the link: https://www.hzjz.hr/aktualnosti/misja-groznica/